OPN-302 : Getting started with Open Distro for Elasticsearch



Open Distro for Elasticsearch is a value-added distribution of Elasticsearch that is 100% open source (Apache 2.0 license) and supported by AWS. Open Distro for Elasticsearch leverages the open source code for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

In addition to Elasticsearch and Kibana, the release includes a set of advanced security, event monitoring & alerting, performance analysis, and SQL query features (more on those in a bit). In addition to the source code repo, Open Distro for Elasticsearch and Kibana are available as RPM, Debian package and Docker containers, with separate downloads for the SQL JDBC and the PerfTop CLI. You can run this code on your laptop, in your data center, or in the cloud.

In this lab, we will deploy an Open Distro for Elasticsearch cluster in AWS and explore the features.

Lab Goals

  • Deploy an Open Distro for Elasticsearch cluster in AWS using Cloudformation
  • Run Performance Analyzer
  • Configure Role based access control
  • Configure alerting
  • Use SQL plugin

Deployment Architecture

We will use AWS CloudFormation's nested stacks to create a full Open Distro for Elasticsearch deployment, including secure networking provided through VPC, seed node, master nodes, data nodes and client nodes. The client nodes provide Kibana access via public IP address.